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GGB starts cooperation with Atlas Aero - Urban Air Mobility


October 12, 2021




GGB and AtlasAero started a cooperation to actively participate in investigating future trends.

AtlasAero - Urban Air Mobility


We are creating a new way of travelling: a personal, drivable hybrid aircraft that can take off and land vertically.


GGB Your Tribological Solution Provider


Your tribological partner - offering a world of motion with minimal friction loss through plain bearing and surface engineering technologies.

GGB starts cooperation with AtlasAero - UAM sector

Congested roads, constantly rising fuel costs - the passenger transport sector is in need of fundamental changes. We want to take on these challenges and participate actively in designing them with our e-mobility solutions

How about having a personal, drivable hybrid aircraft with which you can use existing infrastructure such as roads and garages, all thanks to the foldable wings. Benefit from the possibility of traveling at 300 km/h while consuming the same amount of fuel as a car. Learn more about:  Atlas Aero:  LinkedIn

GGB offers sustainable tribological solutions that are essential in UAM (Urban Air Mobility). We provide a full range of self-lubricating Bearing Solutions, such as our Fiber Reinforced Composite Bearings, Metal Polymer Products and specially designed our Polymer Coatings.





Our experts are ready to help you find the right solution for your specific application.

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