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GGB TriboShield TS161 low friction engineering thermoplastic coating for low loads applications
GGB Bushing block product coated with GGB triboshield TS161 nanostructured polymer coatings
GGB Special part coated with GGB Triboshield TS161 nanostructured polymer coatings
Special gear coated with GGB triboshield TS161 self-lubricating polymer coatings
Turbo rotor coated with GGB triboshield TS161 self-lubricating polymer coatings


  • Simply Assembly
    Simple assembly
  • Reduce Size and Weight
    Reduce size/weight
  • Common to One Piece Compact Design
    Common to One Piece Compact Design
  • Lubricated Operation
    Lubricated operation
  • Low Weight
    Low Weight
  • Increased Wear Resistance
    Increased Wear Resistance
  • Extended Component Life Cycle
    Extended Component Life Cycle
  • Dry Operation
    Dry operation


TS161 is an engineering thermoplastic based composite coating composed of a primer and a top coat. Specifically designed for low friction at low loading conditions, it presents excellent wear resistance as one of its standout features. TS161 is part of the standard TriboShield® product range.


  • Conveyor deflectors
  • Rod guides
  • Automotive seat belt sliders
  • Sliding guides for packaging lines
  • Low friction in low loading conditions
  • Excellent wear resistance under low loads

TriboShield® coatings are applied directly to the customer’s part. Suitable for complex geometries and a wide range of substrates eg steel, stainless steel, Al, Ti, Mg etc. Can be used for both interacting surfaces that are in relative motion.

GGB TriboShield TS161 - Composite Polymer Coatings for Low Loads
GGB TriboShield® Polymer Coatings - The Future of Eco-Friendly Coatings


TriboShield® TS161
Dry Operation Not-applicable
Lubricated Operation Not-applicable
Greased Operation Not-applicable
Machinable Not-applicable
RoHS Compliant Not compliant
Standard Sizes Not-applicable
Application Excellence


  • More compact design
  • Less complex system assembly
  • Reduced weight
  • Increased surface durability


  • General

    Value Unit
    Color Black
    Maximum continuous service temperature 60°C 140°F °C °F
    Maximum short-term peak temperature 80°C 176°F °C °F
    Friction coefficient, typical range* 0.04 - 0.25
    Food contact compliant** No

* Dependent on contact pressure, sliding speed and contact geometry.

** Your specific food contact condition may require additional approval.

For more information please either check our Coatings FAQ section or contact your local GGB representative. 


Our experts are ready to help you find the right solution for your specific application.

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